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Switching Cards Handle DC, RF And Optical Signals

The Model 7090 Optical Switching Cards enable optical, DC and RF switching, all within a single instrument. Available in 1 x 4 and 1 x 8 switching configurations, the cards are compatible with the companyÕs GPIB-controlled Model 7001/2 switching mainframes, which accept up to 10 separate switching cards. Furthermore, the mainframes can be combined with other tools from the company, such as Trigger-Link, to produce larger test systems. According to the company, the benefits of true optical switching for optoelectronic test applications include more effective automation, faster testing, less time spent on integration, and improved ROI on existing test instruments. Pricing of the 1 x 4 card is $5,995, while the 1 x 8 card is $7,995. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (800) 552-1115.

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