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Synchro-Resolver-Encoder Cards Suited For VME Apps

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The VB four- and eight-channel synchro-resolver-encoder cards plug directly into any VME-compatible computer. They are available as a whole or can be user-populated with any combination of synchro/resolver-to-digital and/or digital-to-synchro/resolver converters having standard pin-outs. Available converters include those with internal micro transformers. When chosen as an encoder, the card is provided with either small-sized 11 or industrial-grade NEMA 12 resolver transducers. The cards support single-turn converter precision to one part in 65,536 and multi-turn/multi-speed precision to one part in over 4,000,000 parts. An 18-bit converter resolution is also available. Single-unit pricing is $1150 with delivery from stock to four weeks.

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