Electronic Design

Synthesis Environment Targets Deep-Submicron SoCs

A complete logic synthesis and timing environment is available to designers of deep-submicron SoCs in the form of Incentia Design Systems' DesignCraft. Incorporating the company's TimeCraft timing engine, it offers logic, datapath, test, and low-power synthesis.

DesignCraft accepts design blocks three to five times larger than other logic synthesis tools. It also offers up to a tenfold runtime improvement with die size reductions of up to 20%.

Several patent-pending optimization techniques are provided, including register retiming. TimeCraft's timing engine, a full-chip, gate-level static timing analyzer for timing signoff, permits the use of the same set of complex timing constraints throughout the design, synthesis, and tapeout processes. It ensures a consistent timing result for timing closure.

DesignCraft is shipping now. It runs on Sun Solaris 32-bit and 64-bit HP-UX and Linux platforms. A time-based license starts at $33,000. The tool is compatible with flows from Synopsys, Cadence, and Avant!

Incentia Design Systems Inc., (408) 727-8988; www.incentia.com.

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