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Synthesis Tool Supports Xilinx's Spartan-3A Devices

Support for Xilinx's low-cost, high-volume Spartan-3A family of I/O-optimized FPGAs is now offered by Synplicity's Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis software. The Synplify Pro FPGA synthesis tool helps designers exploit the high I/O Spartan-3A devices by improving logic utilization.

With more I/O pins and less logic available in the device, it's essential to produce designs that use area efficiently while still meeting timing requirements. Through use of a true timing-driven approach to synthesis, the Synplify Pro software meets these design performance requirements while simultaneously minimizing area. An efficient use of logic is critical when targeting high-volume applications in order to minimize costs. In addition to cost reduction, use of the Synplify Pro software reduces power consumption since, typically, fewer logic resources are needed to implement a design.

The Synplify Pro software supports industry I/O standards such as AGP, PCI, and many others that are pre-engineered into the Spartan-3A devices. This allows designers to quickly and easily specify an I/O standard for various ports in a design. The Synplify Pro software is tightly integrated with the Xilinx ISE software for maximizing designer productivity.

The Synplify Pro software, offering support for Spartan-3A devices, is available now. Pricing for the Synplify software starts at $10,450 (U.S.).

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