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Systems-On-A-Chip Target Applications In Hand-Held Computing & Digital Audio(1)

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Two highly integrated systems-on-a-chip (CL-EP7211 and CL-EP7209) are aimed at hand-held computing and portable digital audio applications, respectively. The CL-EP7211 IC is designed for ultra low-power organizer/PDAs, two-way pagers, smart cell phones and industrial hand-held data appliances. Based on the 74-MHz ARM720T CPU core, the chip is said to deliver roughly the same performance as a 100-MHz 486-based PC. Power consumption at 60 to 70 MIPS is 180 mW typical at 74 MHz. A full complement of peripherals includes a flexible graphics interface that connects directly to a single-scan panel monochrome LCD. Video frame buffer size is programmable up to 128 kbytes. The chip is Windows CE-enabled and also can run real-time OSs as well as the EPOC32 operating system and Java. See "Systems-On-A-Chip Target Applications In Hand-Held Computing & Digital Audio(2)" for CL-EP7209.

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