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Teflon Insulates 7-16 DIN Male Connectors

RFD-1605-2 series of 7-16 DIN male connectors are silver-plated, machined brass with Teflon insulation for RF applications. The ferrule stud backnut screws into the connector body, and users have the option of creating a straight or right-angle crimp connector. The cable center conductor is easily soldered through either the side or end opening of the connector body. The series include: RFD-1605-2-C for use with RG-58/U or RG-141/U cables; RFD-1605-02-C1 for RG-55/U or RG-142/U cables; RFD-1605-2-X for RG-8/X cable; and RFD-1605-2-E for use with RG-8/U or Belden 9913 cables. All of these 7-16 DIN connectors have silver-plated inner and outer contacts to minimize intermodulation distortion. The 7-16 DIN female version of this combination is found in the RFW-1630 series. Jumper cable assemblies offer male and female 7-16 DIN connectors on a wide variety of coaxial cables in any length.

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