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Telecom Transformer Seeks High-Speed Apps

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A new telecomm transformer, designated the SPT-2003, described as small in size and economical, is said to handle high-speed T1/E1 data transmission applications with ease. The primary impedance is 100 ohms; secondary is 400 ohms total (across a split secondary). Rated at 0 mA direct current, the transformer has a frequency response of ±0.5 dB from 100 kHz to 4 MHz referenced to 772 kHz. Longitudinal balance specification is 35 dB minimum at 1.544 MHz, and dielectric strength is 1,500 Vdc. Placed on a 6-pin through hole bobbin, the part has overall dimensions of 0.433'' (11.0 mm) by 0.394'' (10.0 mm) with a height of 0.413'' (10.5 mm) maximum. Pricing in production quantities is $2.22 each.

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