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Telecomm Modules Is Designed To Reduce Design Time And Costs

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The Stratum 3 Timing Modules (ATiMe-S) can dramatically reduce OEM design time and costs in ATM, SONET, SDH, wireless, voice-over IP PBXs, giga- and tera-routers, and more. The modules provide a complete integrated clock subsystems and advanced single-module synchronization solution for all timing, phase jitter and wander. Custom features include a host interface, phase hit detection and multiple PLL time constants selectivity. Modules meet the ETSI, Bellcore GR-1244-CORE-5.2 and SONET standards, and are available in T1, E1, DS3 16.384, 19.44, 38.88 and 77.76 MHz. Custom frequencies are available. The 18-pin modules' dimensions are 2"" x 2"".

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