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Telephony Transformers Comply With IEC 950

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With additional insulation for compliance with the world-harmonized IEC 950 standard, the SPT-2106-950 telephony transformer is classified as a dry, 0 mA-dc, 600½:600½ coupling transformer. The transformers have a frequency response of ±0.3 dB and a THD of -59 dB at 300 Hz. Other features include a minimum return loss, ERL and insertion loss of 15 dB, 16 dB and 2.5 dB, respectively, and a dielectric strength of 1,500 VRMS for one minute minimum. The component measures 0.54" x 0.535" x 0.535". Price in production quantities is $2.57 each with availability from stock to 12 weeks ARO. PREM MAGNETICS, INC., McHenry, IL. (815) 385-2700.

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