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Temperature Sensor Products Target High-Volume Markets

Targeted at the requirements of new high-volume, low-cost sensor markets are five new temperature sensor products. The LM20 expands the firm's analog temperature sensor family and is suited for applications such as cell phones, hard disk drives, smoke detectors and other multi-market applications. The LM62 adds an increased output scale factor, small package option to the SOT-23 family of temperature sensors. It features low voltage and low power and enhancements to gain and offset voltage. Applications include wireless communications, personal systems, consumer and appliances. The LM84 is aimed at eliminating non-essential functions to reduce costs and meets the needs of applications for PC notebooks, desktops, workstations and servers. The LM74 digital temperature sensor provides a solution that's easy to use for customers requiring SPI or Microwire compatibility. Finally, the LM76 meets the demand for higher accuracy digital temperature sensors.

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