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Temperature Switches Tout Latching Feature

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Used in game consoles and notebook and desktop computers, the S-8130 series temperature switches are designed to invert the output signal when a temperature limit is reached and to stay latched onto this state until a reset signal is entered or the switch detects a lowered power voltage. The S-8130AA andS-8130AC operate on 2.2V with a quiescent current of 15 µA and can be used over a -40¡C to 100¡C temperature range.Housed in an eight-pin MSOP, the switches consist of a temperature sensor with coefficient of -13 mV/ûC, a comparator, voltage-detection circuit, and a noise-suppression circuit. The S-8130AA detects temperatures in fixed, 5¡C increments from 60¡C to 95¡C and the S-8130AC has a variable detection temperature design that is set by an external reference voltage. The switches cost $0.70 each/10K. SEIKO INSTRUMENTS USA INC., Torrance, CA. (800) 934-9334.

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