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Test Socket Holds Any Device Up To 27 mm

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Accommodating any integrated device type measuring up to 27 mm, the Integra 27 test socket is molded from PPS plastic components designed to minimize space without compromising repeatability and durability. The socket is the result of collaboration of the company with Synergetic Corp. The component features a device-specific spring probe that can be machined to match the device under test. Promising high reliability, the contacts are IDI spring probes capable of withstanding burn in and HAST testing. Several of the probes are rated for 10 GHz operation. These user-replaceable contacts have a current rating of 3A to 6A per contact and lifespan of greater than 500,000 actuations. Pricing for an Integra 27 socket in a 256-position BGA package with a 0.8 mm pitch ranges from $798 to $1,374 each/10 with delivery times of up to two weeks ARO. ARIES ELECTRONICS INC, Frenchtown, NJ. (908) 996-6841.

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