Electronic Design

Test Software Fully Integrates AWR Design Process

The TestWave software package integrates test and measurement instruments into the AWR design environment. In conjunction with Microwave Office and Visual System Simulator (VSS) simulation solutions, the TestWave product gives wireless-system and RF/microwave circuit designers a complete integration of the design process. It combines schematic simulation, test signal generation, and test and measurement verification. Because TestWave provides a bidirectional interface, simulated signals can be exported from VSS to drive hardware. Laboratory measurement data may be imported into the simulation. The software lets designers see the effects of the test data on their evolving designs before investing in hardware prototypes. Using TestWave, S-parameter data from a network analyzer measurement can be integrated into a Microwave office simulation as a behavioral block. Spectrum-analyzer and oscilloscope measurements can also be imported into the simulation environment. The TestWave product costs $5000 for a single-user, node-locked license. The TestWave module is an option to Microwave Office and VSS design suites, which each start at $15,000.

Applied Wave Research
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