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Thermal Interface Keeps Pace With High-Powered Processor

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Touted as a next-generation thermal interface compound, the new TIC-7500 is said to have the low thermal resistance needed to keep pace with increasingly faster and hotter microprocessers. Real-time comparative tests with the new compound reportedly indicate that it will deliver half the thermal resistance as the best silicone grease on 950 MHz and 1 GHz chips, with a thermal conductivity of 7.5W/m-°K. With the TIC-7500, computers using these super-fast chips are said to not require the addition of evaporators, bigger fans or channeled air flow for extra cooling. Standard heat sink and fan combinations can continue to be used. The compound is claimed to have negligible electrical conductivity and a very precise consistency that won't drip, yet it will easily conform to the chip and heat sink surfaces.

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