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Thermal Interface Material Eases Heat Sink Removal

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A new phase-change material creates a low thermal resistance interface path between hot components and heat sinks while allowing the user remove sinks easily for rework operations. Thermflow T766 pads include a unique foil layer so heat sinks can be removed without force and without leaving residue to be cleaned from component surfaces. The material consists of a tacky, electrically non-conductive phase-change film on one side of a highly conformable metal foil. The film attaches securely onto heat sinks or spreaders and is protected by the foil layer during assembly. This construction lets the pad conform to mounting surfaces on thermal modules in laptop computers, on microprocessors in PCs, workstations and servers, and on BGA packages. Assembly is simplified because no protective liners are required. Thermflow T766's solid film softens at component operating temperatures to fill air gaps and enhance performance of heat sinks and spreaders. The material has a thermal impedance of 0.04¡C-in2/W. T766 pads are supplied kiss-cut on rolls for easy installation. Standard square pad sizes are 17.8 mm, 25.4 mm, and 31.8 mm. Custom shapes can be requested. Pricing starts at less than $0.08/pad in large volumes. CHOMERICS, Woburn, MA. (781) 939-4711.

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