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Thermal Interface Material Shows 50% Improvement In Thermal Impedance

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T-pcm HP105, a phase-change type thermal interface material with lowest thermal impedance, is a 0.005( thick, non-electrically conductive film that is naturally tacky at room temperature. The material begins to soften and flow at 50(C, filling the microscopic irregularities of both the component and thermal solution, thus reducing thermal interface resistance. The thermal impedance is 0.024(C-in2/W @ 10 psi and 0.017(C-in2/W @ 50 psi. T-pcm HP105 is naturally tacky and requires no additional adhesives or preheating of the heat sinks for assembly. The material is supplied in rolls with a red top tabbed liner for easy application. Individually die cut shapes can also be supplied. THERMAGON, INC., Cleveland, OH. (888) 246-9050.

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