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Thermal-Interface Pads Are Easy To Use

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Provided in roll form on a carrier liner for convenient manual or automated assembly, the T725 phase-change, thermal-interface materials provide low thermal resistance paths between semiconductor components and their heatsinks. Offering a thermal impedance of 0.03°C in.2/W, the interface material is solid at room temperature, but softens at component operating temperatures so as to conform to surface irregularities to fill air gaps and form a very-thin bond line. The material is said to maximize heatsink performance while providing thermal performance equal to that of a grease, but without the mess and risk of drying out over long-term use of the latter. Offered in rolls of 100' in length, standard square pads include 0.6'', 0.7'', 1'', 1.125'' and 1.25'' sizes. Roll stock is also available in widths up to 20'' and prices start at approximately $0.10 per square inch.

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