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Thermally-Efficient BGA Package Slashes Memory Space Needs

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Targeted for use in housing a wide range of memories and especially high-speed, high-density memories, this latest addition to the firm's series of Chip Size Packages (CSPs) is a face-down, fine-pitch ball grid array (FD-FBGA) having a 0.65-mm ball pitch and measuring only 6.4 x 10.10 x 1 mm high and weighing a mere 0.11 gram. The FD-FBGA requires 75% less mounting area and 79% less mounting volume than current thin small-outline packages, with the face-down configuration also facilitating rapid heat dissipation. The package is constructed using a single layer FR-4 substrate that is only 0.16 mm thick and is attached to a die using a resin post. The substrate opening for wire bonding is

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