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Thermostat Goes Into Appliances

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The Series 622P and Series 625A high-temperature thermostats offer a selection of 1/2-disc thermostats designed to provide temperature protection for commercial and industrial appliances. Made of high-temperature polyester material, the single-pole, single-throw, snap-action discs are pre-set and tamperproof. The 622P Series has UL, CSA, VDE and EC approvals offering a wide operating-temperature range of 32°F to 365°F, a differential of 18°F to 45°F, and electrical ratings of 125 vac at 15A resistive and 250 vac at 10A resistive at 100,000 cycles. It comes in a four-post case for secure installation in coffee makers, microwave ovens and sandwich makers. The 625A Series is a snap-action, bimetallic disc enclosed in a durable ceramic case and offers an extremely high operating-temperature range of 104°F to 500°F, a differential of 27°F to 90°F and electrical ratings of 125 vac at 15A and 250 vac at 10A resistive at 100,000 cycles for safe and easy installation in vacuum cleaners, gas furnaces, heaters and other high-temperature applications.

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