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Thermostats Tout Auto Reset And 25A Capabilities

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Targeting a variety of commercial and consumer applications, such as appliances, vending machines, and air conditioning units, the T10/T11 series of disc-type thermostats feature automatic reset and 25A capabilities. The thermostats have a bimetallic, temperature sensitive disc with a snap-action switch for contact opening and closing and offer rapid and positive operation. These and other features, such as a contact wiping action, are claimed to virtually eliminate contact chattering, false cycling and sparking. Thermal and electrical insulation around the bimetallic disc prevents self-heating and ensures actuation only from the temperature of the controlled equipment or adjacent environment. Measuring 2" in length, the units are enclosed in a tamper-proof housing and have an operating temperature range of 104°F to 338°F with differentials from 14°F to 100°F. The thermostats have a life rating of 100,000 cycles and are powered by120/240 Vac, 25A, resistive.

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