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Tiny Module Adds Four Functions To Cell Phones

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In a tiny, compact module measuring only 5.5 mm thick x 17 mm in diameter and weighing just 3.1 grams designers of cellular telephones and pagers have a device that can provide four different functions: ringing, vibration, and a speaker and receiver functions for both hands-on and hands-free operation. Called Multiactor, the device uses its own casing as the sound and vibration source. Multiactor is said to emit a natural-sounding ring with less directionality and to create stronger low frequency vibrations compared to existing devices- i.e., 135 vs. 180 Hz- with the improved lows reportedly providing excellent voice reproduction. In addition, a signal input switching scheme among the modes eliminates mechanical switching. There are no moving parts. Maximum input power is 1W and the working temperature range is -40°C to 85°C.

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