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Tiny Rotary DIP Switches Come In Through-Hole & SMT Styles

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Designed to provide complex switching in a small space, the P36 Series rotary DIP switches have body sizes of just 0.290" square x 0.150" high. The devices pack six terminals on a 0.200" x 0.300" grid with two of the terminals common. The switches have molded-in slots on the top surface for screwdriver actuation to minimize their height and are completely sealed for compatibility with wave soldering and aqueous or solvent cleaning. Switch positions are permanently marked in black on the steel cover plate.Additional features include a precise detent for positive feel, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation for easy setting of position, and an optimum contact force of 15 grams for reliable switching. Ratings are 400 mA (static) and 100 mA (dynamic) at 24 vdc. Models are 10-position BCD or complement, or 16-position binary coded hexidecimal and complement for either through-hole or SMT attachment.

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