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Tiny SMT Sound Transducers Fit Bill For Portables

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Designers of miniature cellular phones and pagers will find applications for the KSS Series of sound transducers. Measuring just 8.5 mm square x 2.2 mm thick, the surface-mountable transducers are offered in three voltage ranges, all of which produce a sound-pressure level of 87 dB minimum. The KSS-81 Series has an operating voltage range of 1 to 2 vdc; the KSS-83 devices range from 2 to 4 vdc; and the KSS-85 units operate from 4 to 6 vdc. Each of these series is also available in A and B versions, with resonant frequencies of 2730 ±200 Hz and 3200 ±200 Hz, respectively.

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