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Toggles & Pushbuttons Are Washable, Serve Many Industries

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In single-pole, double-throw or double-pole, double-throw configurations, washable Series M2T toggle/rocker and M2B pushbutton switches are well-suited for applications in all industries. Toggle versions are available in 6A/125 vac, 3A/250 vac, 4A/30 vdc and 3A/30 vdc ratings with a choice of straight (bracketed and unbracketed), right-angle, vertical and wire-wrap terminals. Rocker models are rated at 6A/125 vac, 3A/250 vac and logic levels. PC terminals include straight (with or without brackets), right-angle and vertical. Rocker actuators can be optimized for any applications in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Pushbutton devices have 0.202" and 0.307" long plungers with a choice of snap-on cap sizes and colors for each.

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