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Electronic Design

Tool Automates Engineering-Change-Order Generation

Almost all chip designs go through engineering change orders (ECOs) to implement late-stage design modifications due to changes in design requirements or incorrect logic function. Engineering and management recognize ECOs as a time of high stress and long hours of manual work, which lead to uncertainty in schedule, cost, and functional correctness. Cadence’s Encounter Conformal ECO Designer is intended to address these challenges by bringing automation and predictability to the ECO process.

Encounter Conformal ECO Designer enables users to evaluate the feasibility of engineering change orders and to implement functional changes to the design very late in the design cycle. It frees up valuable engineering resources and significantly reduces ECO turnaround time. The tool brings productivity to the ECO process, giving logic designers the ability to analyze, implement, and verify ECOs in an appropriate and accurate manner.

Encounter Conformal ECO Designer is a key part of the Encounter digital IC design platform and a component of the Cadence Logic Design Team Solution. Contact Cadence directly for pricing and delivery information.

Cadence Design Systems

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