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Tool Eases Adding Of Logic To MCU Systems

A suite of Windows-based EDA tools is available to configure and program the company's in-system-programmable flash MCU support ICs. These include the PSD813F and other families. PSDsoft 5.0 is said to radically simplify the addition of external programmable logic and flash, EEPROM or EPROM memories to MCU-based systems. The tool suite supports HDL-based logic design and simulation of the PSD's on-chip CPLD; MCU interface configuration; I/O control; memory mapping; and the configuration of programmable functions integrated in various PSD devices. The tool also automatically generates C routines for the implementation of MCU-controlled, in-system programmability.Adding any external device to a MCU-based design requires an interface to the MCU. PSDsoft enables designers to configure the MCU interface built into all PSD devices in just a few minutes. Templates provide bus interface configurations for the most popular microcontrollers.

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