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Tool Suite Aids Development Of Distributed Real-Time Systems

The RTI Develop Platform tool suite offers a complete and dedicated solution enabling the development, debug, analysis, and optimization of distributed systems and applications that must deal with multiple sources of event-driven, time-critical data and seamlessly tie complex networks of independent devices into a logical and manageable whole. The tools target a development environment based on the open-standard Data Distribution Service (DDS). They address two specific problems facing designers of real-time distributed systems. First, as the size and functionality of a distributed system increases, applications generally do not scale well. Second, application developers are forced to address the system's performance requirements through careful use of techniques such as optimized coding, thread management, and awareness of network topology at the application-code level.

The Platform includes three major elements:

  • RTI Developer provides a dynamic view of an active system from a node- and data-topic perspective. This enables visual validation and debugging of run-time behavior.
  • RTI Scope permits live monitoring of message and data transmissions with time histories to allow debug of publisher-subscriber interactions.
  • RTI Protocol Analyzer lets developers monitor physical network traffic and offers the detailed packet and timing information that allows the optimization of a system implementation. This ensures the most efficient use of the underlying physical carriers(s), enabling fine tuning for performance purposes.

The RTI Developer Platform is available immediately for Windows, Linux, and Solaris hosts. Pricing begins at $11,995 for three developers and includes one year of maintenance and support.

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