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Toolkit Creates Real-Time Testing & Debug Tools

Claimed as the first software toolkit to allow developers to easily define their own tools for testing and integration, debugging, performance tuning and requirements verification, Aprobe is designed for use on complex, real-time networked or distributed systems. It lets developers and testers build probes that work on the executable, eliminating the need to wait for special builds. The probes, which are typically small and non-intrusive, can change the way the program runs or simply log information. Any resulting data is automatically formatted to make it more readable. The tool does not require access to source code, so it can be used on third-party code, such as off-the-shelf software, in addition to software developed in-house. It can be used on C/C++ or Ada applications. The probes are written in C, so developers do not need to learn a custom language to create probes. Pricing for Aprobe starts at $39,495 for a 10-user project license and is available for the AIX and Solaris operation environments.

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