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Tools Address Mixed-Signal Physical Design

Most of today's analog and mixed-signal designs are placed and routed by hand, a task that can take weeks or months for leading-edge processes. The latest version of Pulsic's Lyric Physical Design Framework for analog/mixed-signal physical design delivers handcrafted results that observe design and process rules in a tiny fraction of the time.

In Version 4.0, the tools extend routing technology to handle specific analog requirements, such as symmetrical routing, routing to pin current-density widths, metal strapping, and angled slotting. The tool's fully shape-based router can now automatically route nets and subnets in a symmetrical pattern, which is a prerequisite for high-end analog/mixed-signal designs.

The router guarantees that all nets match, including mirroring and flipping if required. It also can lay out a net at varying widths. This ensures sufficient track widths at every point in the net's topology to carry all pin-current requirements. Enhanced design-rule checking locates any insufficient width areas that may have been executed in imported prerouted circuitry.

Lyric Physical Design Framework 4.0 is available now for Solarix, HP-UX, and Linux platforms. Pricing starts at $100,000 per year for a three-year license.

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