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Toroidal Transformers Meet Exacting Specifications

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The company is offering a new line of toroid power transformers that are designed to meet exact OEM specifications. They are said to be ideal for applications requiring low magnetic stray-field, high electrical efficiency, small size and weight, low profiles, low temperature operation, small off-load losses, minimum mechanical hum, and easy mounting. In terms of size and weight, the new devices are said to be 50% smaller and lighter than conventional transformers. General specifications include current ratings from15 VA to 1,500 VA, a load regulation of 5% to 20%, an electrical efficiency of 80% to 90%, isolation of 4 kVacrms, creepage minimum of 8 mm, temperature-rise maximum of 55% °C, and a voltage tolerance of better than 3%. Prices vary with specification, and delivery is generally within 30 days.

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