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Transducers Measure Torque And Speed Over Broad Range

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Employing a unique, non-contact differential transformer measuring technology that avoids rotation of electronic components during operation, the TMB, TM, TMHS and TMF series torque transducers integrate a conditioning electronic module that provides 0 to ±10 Vdc torque output, open-collector speed output, and a direction of rotation signal. They also include high overload protection and offer long-term stability.
Other features of the new in-line transducers include active compensation for drift, better torsional stiffness than strain gauge systems, low mass inertia, maintenance-free operation, stainless steel shafts, 20 kHz transformer coupling, and no slip rings. Accuracy is 0.1% and speed ranges from 0 to 50,000 rpm. The TMB series offers basic accuracy performance; the TM series is designed for high accuracy applications; the TMHS series is targeted for high speed and high accuracy assignments; and the TMF series transducers are classified as compact, bearingless models.

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