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Transformers At Home With High-Frequency Clock Signals

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Well-suited for use in end-products employing high-frequency clock signals, such as in computers and telecomm systems, the International Flathead series of transformers is designed to achieve high isolation in distributed power systems. The compact devices range from 0.69'' to 1.39'' in height and boast of a standard isolation of 4,000VRMS. They carry ratings of from 2 to 30 VA and are useful for preventing higher-order harmonic signals from degrading the performance of adjoining circuitry. The isolation transformers have dual primaries of 115V/230V, 50/60 Hz and meet a wide range of standards, including UL 506, IEC 950, VDE, and CSA. They can be used with both linear and switching power supplies. Pricing starts at $15.26 each. SIGNAL TRANSFORMER CO., Inwood, NY. (516) 239-5777.

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