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Triple-Bus Backplane Focuses On Speed

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Designed for use in high-speed, enterprise-class telecomm and data applications, the firm’s 6U 84HP three-bus, 21-slot-wide backplane meets the cPCI Hot-Swap specification PICMG 2.1 and the cPCI Computer Technology Specification PICMG 2.5 R1.0. The backplane also meets the design guidelines for TranSwitch CellBus systems, and adheres to all cPCI and IEEE 1101.1 specifications for 6U configurations. The unit features hot-swap, eight-slot cPCI buses; two dual-slot power bays populated with Type M Eurocard connectors; a fully compliant Computer Telephony bus; and single hot-swap, 32-bit CellBus bus spanning all 16 cPCI slots via P3 connectors. Z-PACK 2-mm HM connectors are used for daughtercard slots.

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