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Ultra-Flexible Cable Has Translucent Overmolding

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Available in a variety of colors in either a gloss or matte finish is a line of ultra-flexible cables for external medical devices or other electronics applications. The soft-textured cable’s construction is typically 28 AWG with a braided shield. Jackets are made of very soft PVC and are said to be more flexible than most typical PVC data cables. The cables are offered in conductor counts from two to 18 with an outside diameter range of 2.5 to 5.5 mm.The cables can be manufactured into cable assemblies (see the photo) with either a clear PVC or one that’s slightly colored in a manner described as similar to the Apple iMac color scheme. Current stock overmolds include DB9, 15, 25, RJ45, DIN and MiniDIN. Shore hardness ranges from 60 to 90 on the A scale.

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