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Ultra High Density Connectors Mate/Unmate Fast

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The highly compact N UHD Series of rectangular connectors with 90 to 540 contacts range in size from 1.5"H x 3.75"L to 1.5"H x 5"L, offer a 180° turn quick release design that enables the connectors to be disconnected in less than 2s, and boast of a life span of over 15,000 mating cycles. The connectors feature the new ultra high density, 45-position "H" module and 0.016" (0.40 mm) Hypertac hyperboloid contacts. The 45° plug cable exit adjusts for varying cable diameters, while adjustable keying provides 36 non-matable variations. Contacts are rated at 1A with less than 8 milliohms contact resistance, an average of 0.75 oz. insertion force, and virtual immunity to shock and vibration. The 0.016" male pins are recessed in the plastic insulator for protection against damage. The contact density and quick release jack assembly make this connector family especially ideal for space sensitive and high operational usage applications in aerospace and various test and process control equipment. Prices range from $190 to $705 each/250.

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