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Ultra-Low-Power Boost Converter Sports Dual Half-Bridge Switches

The LT8415 is a low-noise micropower boost converter with integrated dual half-bridge switches. The device’s quiescent current is only 10.5 µA, which drops to 0 in shutdown. Integrated high-value (12.4-MO/0.4-MO) output-feedback divider resistors enable the converter to regulate a 16-V output with less than 70 µA of total input current. A very low 25-mA switch current limit enables the converter to operate very efficiently from high-impedance sources, such as coin cell batteries, without any inrush current limitation. The LT8415’s integrated N-channel and P-channel MOSFETs in each half-bridge are synchronously controlled by one input pin, and never turn on at the same time. This maximizes system reliability for applications such as MEMs relays. The internal MOSFETs are sized to drive capacitive loads ranging from a few picofarads to several nanofarads without issue. The main switch, half-bridge switches, Schottky diodes, and output disconnect all are integrated on one die, packaged in a 2- by 3-mm DFN. A wide 2.5- to 16-V input voltage range enables the converter to operate from single-cell Li-Ion batteries up to fixed 12-V input rails, delivering outputs up to 40-V. Other features include integrated soft-start and overvoltage protection. The LT8415EDDB is available from stock. Pricing starts at $2.40 each for 1000-piece quantities. An industrial temperature version, the LT8415IDDB is also available from stock for $2.76 each for 1000-piece quantities. LINEAR TECHNOLOGY CORP., Milpitas, CA. (408) 432-1900.


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