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Ultra-Miniature Navigation Tact Switch Operates Like A Joystick

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Integrating a shaft that operates like a joystick, the TPA Series ultra-miniature navigation tact switch is designed for use with compact and sophisticated electronic devices. When actuated in the up, down, left or right directions, the shaft closes individual single-pole contacts; diagonal actuation closes two contacts at a time. The fifth contact includes a push-to-select function that operates similar to the button on a computer mouse.
The switch measures 8 mm x 8 mm x 5 mm and when coupled with a standard LCD interface can be used to scroll through menus and navigate the LCD surface on small electronic devices. Applications include cordless and cell phones, smart pagers, handheld computers and PDAs, digital cameras, GPS units, portable recording devices, remote controls and data acquisition terminals. Shaft function is guaranteed for 200,000 cycles in each direction.

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