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Ultra2 SCSI Expander Seeks cPCI Applications

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Designed for CompactPCI, the RTLVD-HVDPCI is a Wide (Fast40) Ultra2 SCSI expander for use on a PCI bus that converts a LVD interface to a HVD SCSI interface. The expander includes a multi-mode feature that enables the LVD side of the interface to operate in either LVD or single-ended mode. The type of interface is automatically sensed to determine if it is LVD or single-ended, and the expander can be used to extend the HVD SCSI bus or convert from LVD to HVD. The multi-mode feature is said to extend the life of HVD legacy devices by being able to operate both HVD and LVD devices on the same bus.
The expander measures 6.402" x 6.193", supports full 16-bit arbitration, and disconnect/reconnect and multi-threaded SCSI applications. Other features include active negation and data-skewing circuitry, plug-and-play and hot-swap compatibility, and the ability to act as a SCSI isolator. It requires no software to operate, does not occupy a SCSI ID, and features active LVD SCSI termination. Pricing for the expander is $295 each/250.

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