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Unit Directs And Manages Distribution Of Power To Communications Equipment

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The AC SMARTstart Jr. power distribution unit directs and manages power to connected file servers and networking equipment. The multi-functional unit operates by remote control and allows users to sequentially power-on or power-off any or all loads over a range of time intervals. A computing console using RS-232, RS-485 and optional telnet communications accomplishes the remote operation. For out-of-band conditions, an external dial-up RS-232 modem permits contact with the PDU to power-down and power-up devices to bring the system back online. The PDU monitors input line voltage, total load current, line frequency, and temperature (with optional temperature sensor). The total load capacity for a single unit (input and output) is 15A, while the dual input unit capacity is 30A (15A per input group). A 15A circuit breaker at the AC input protects the system. The unit has an operating temperature range of 0°C to 45°C and an operating humidity range of 0% to 95% (non-condensing). The AC SMARTstart Jr. PDU features a simple, no-clutter front panel design. And the 19" unit can be rack-mounted or used as a tabletop unit. SPECTRUM CONTROL INC., Erie, PA. (814) 835-4000.

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