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Units Accurately Calibrate Temperature Probes

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Boasting of temperature probe calibrations approaching the accuracy and stability of traditional oil-based baths that cost thousands of dollars, Fluke 500 Series Dry-Block Temperature Calibrators maintain stability and uniformity without sacrificing fast response times to save calibration laboratory managers valuable time during probe calibration. The series includes four standard range Dry-Blocks and one unit with a temperature range of -30°C to 670°C. The calibrators carry up to 14 probes for easy manual or PC programming, fast ramp times, ramp and soak set points, and basic probe calibration using MET/CAL procedures. The series ranges are -30°C to 670°C for the dual temperature range Model 518, -45°C to 140°C for the low temperature/high-speed Model 517, 35°C to 600°C for the high-capacity Model 516, 35°C to 600°C for the high-speed Model 515, and -25°C to 140°C for the low temperature Model 514. Price for the calibrators ranges from $4850 to $8700.

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