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Upconverter Simplifies Design Of Transceiver Test Systems

The Model 2891-IQ upconverter provides comprehensive support for transceiver testing. The instrument converts single-ended baseband analog I and Q signals from a signal generator into differential output signals to provide input signals for testing transceivers with differential baseband I and Q inputs. On the receiver side, it converts the receiver’s down-converted differential I and Q signals into a modulated, up-converted signal for receiver performance testing by an rf signal analyzer. The upconverter speeds and simplifies designing of transceiver test systems because it interfaces easily with both rf transceivers and with the company’s Series 2900 rf vector signal generators and Series 2800 rf vector signal analyzers. The Model 2891-IQ contains gain adjustments so that it can interface with a wide variety of wireless chipsets and devices. Furthermore, the instrument can interface with rf transceivers with either single-ended or differential inputs. Its EVM floor of ?41 dB, even for wideband 40-MHz-bandwidth IEEE 802.11n signals, makes it possible to use the Model 2891-IQ when making high-quality modulation measurements. The Model 2891-IQ upconverter costs $5000. Orders are being taken now for delivery in 10 weeks. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (440) 248-0400.


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