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Upgrade Strengthens App's Capabilities For RF Circuit Modeling

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Expanding upon the company's established RF-circuit modeling software, Ensemble 6.1 is claimed to offer designers of RFICs, high-frequency hybrid PCBs, MMICs, and antennas complete capabilities for planar EM-field modeling. The application has the ability to simulate the low-profile unobtrusive antennas required by Bluetooth, cellular, home RF, and wireless LAN applications.
Circuit designers can analyze traditional stripline, microstrip, co-planar waveguide, slotline, and coupled strip lines and microstrip. Antenna designers can simulate with coaxial probe, edge port, internal port with cavities, and internal port without cavities. Results can be examined in s-parameters, field patterns, and current loops. Ensemble 6.1 works on HP UNIX workstations and Windows NT systems.

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