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Upgraded TCAD Tool Includes Intel Xeon Capability

The latest release of Sentaurus TCAD adds significant process and device modeling capabilities for accelerated development of advanced technologies, as well as full support for 64-bit dual-core Intel Xeon processors. TCAD (technology CAD) refers to the use of computer simulation to model semiconductor processing and device operation. TCAD provides insight into the fundamental physical phenomena that ultimately impact performance and yield.

The Sentaurus Y-2006.06 release’s new capabilities include simulating ultra-shallow junctions used in leading-edge CMOS devices. The new version also allows modeling of strained silicon for enhancing device performance, optimizing optical and electrical characteristics for optoelectronics, and studying novel structures on the atomistic level with kinetic process Monte Carlo and device Monte Carlo simulations. In addition, customers involved in technical development in manufacturing can take advantage of the parallel computing benefits of dual-core Intel Xeon-based platforms by using the Sentaurus Parallel option to reduce simulation time.


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