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Varistors Guard Against Static And Surges

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Designed to protect components against static electricity, switching and incoming surges, the NV73 series metal-oxide varistors feature a large withstanding surge capability and symmetrical V-l characteristics. This makes surge absorption possible in either direction. The varistors are available in 0603, 0805 and 1206 sizes. Voltages range from 4.2V to 56V with maximum peak current at 8 µs and 20 µs of 30A, 10A to 50A, and 30A to 70A depending on the size and style selected. Their chip-type design makes them safe for assembly with surface-mount placement automated assembly machines. The components are available in plastic tape and reel packaging. For further information and prices, contact Dawn McGriff, KOA SPEER ELECTRONICS, INC., Bradford, PA. (814) 362-5536, ext 266.

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