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Verification Environment Addresses 0.18-µm SOC Design Needs

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The Affirma verification cockpit is described as the first verification environment that integrates functional simulation and formal model checking techniques with transaction-level test and analysis to improve productivity in 0.18-µm and system-on-chip design work. The cockpit features a common GUI to link the verification software technologies and comes in two configurations.The first configuration includes a complete transaction-based test environment to facilitate test creation, results analysis and coverage feedback at a high level of abstraction, allowing rapid creation of advanced test sets. The cockpit is tightly integrated with the Cadence Affirma NC simulators and is also compatible with other third-party HDL simulators.The second configuration, the Affirma advanced verification cockpit, adds the Affirma model checker to the environment. When combined with the Affirma NC simulators, model checking enables a highly productive flow for easier detection of hard-to-locate problems.

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