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Video Probe Features Remote Focus

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The flexible and waterproof VIEW-A-PIPE AR video probe is claimed to be the industry's first video probe with remote focus and four-way articulation. The instrument allows close-up visual inspection inside pipes, tubing, castings, cylinders, and engines and equipment chambers having an inside diameter as small as 0.500'. The probe's outside diameter is 0.433' with a bending radius of 150 mm, and is available in working lengths up to 10 m. Its manual focus can be adjusted anywhere from zero to infinity. A standard, direct viewing head provides a 55° field of view and a variety of interchangeable viewing heads are available, including direct wide, direct telephoto, and right angle. Other features include CCD chip technology and integrated, fiber-optic, cold-light guide, which enables inspection inside dark interiors of gas and diesel engines, aircraft fuselages, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, and other chambers.

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