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VMEbus Chassis Serve Lab Development Or Field Uses

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A pair of VMEbus chassis serve as the foundation for fully configured VME systems that can be used as development platforms or deployed in benign field environments. The SVME-910 is a nine-slot, stand-alone, benchtop chassis, while the SVME-940 is a 21-slot unit designed for benchtop uses or for installation in 19" racks. Both support the latest VME64 extension standards, including five-row P1/P2 and 95-pin P0 connectors. They also both offer active automatic daisy chaining capabilities and are compatible with IEEE 1101.10 injector/ejectors. The chassis are designed to make it very convenient to develop VME-based systems using either unit as the initial building block. Both have removable rear panels with space for user-installed I/O cable connectors and ample room for internal I/O cabling and more.

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