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Voltage Detectors Reduce Portables' Power Dissipation

With this new voltage detector series, designers of microprocessor-based portable products can achieve more efficient low-power operation in PDAs, cell phones, GPSs, cameras, and other portable products. Known collectively as the NCP30X Voltage Detector Series, these supervisory circuits address the market requirement for extended battery life in portables. Produced using analog CMOS technology, the six devices that make up the NCP30X series are the NCP300, NCP301, NCP302, NCP303, NCP304 and NCP305. The NCP300 to 303 are housed in 5-pin TSOPs and the NCP304 and 305 are offered in SC-82AB packages. Used as a power fail indicator in battery operated products, the NCP30X devices are well suited for ensuring very low drain current in portables. NCP30X series chips cost $0.29 each/22K.

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