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Voltage Regulators Claim Smallest Footprint

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Touted as the world's smallest voltage regulators for ceramic capacitors, the S-814 series of low dropout and high-precision voltage regulators and the S-817 series voltage regulator are capable of operating tantalum or electrolytic capacitors. Both series feature low ESR, low current consumption, high output current and high-precision output voltage. The S-814 also have a low dropout voltage. The two series also feature a built-in power-off circuit which ensures long battery life and a built-in short current limit circuit.
When used with ceramic caps instead of tantalum caps, the S-814 and S-817 provide a smaller footprint, a reduction in cost, and a safety improvement, it's claimed. The S-814 comes in either an SOT-23-5 or SOT-89-5 package while the S-817 is housed in the SC-82A package. Pricing for either device is set at $0.50 each/3000/1000.

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