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VPX Mesh Backplane Includes Two VME64x Slots

A new VPX Hybrid Backplane includes two legacy VME64x slots as well as five mesh slots. As defined by the VITA 46 specification, the VPX architecture allows for optional use of the VMEbus. Many applications will re-use existing VME64 extensions (VME64x) cards so that legacy cards can be used in conjunction with the performance of VPX’s high-speed differential signals. The new hybrid solution provides two of these slots plus five VPX slots in a 6U-high backplane. The company was the first proponent of a pinout solution for VMEbus connections in the VITA Standards Organization. The 5+2 Slot VPX Hybrid backplane features a 16-layer controlled-impedance stripline design. The backplane provides RTM support. The company offers other VPX configurations in a 3U 6-slot, 6U 5-slot, and 6U 17-slot Hybrid format and has developed numerous custom configurations. Lead-time is four to six weeks after receipt of an order. ELMA BUSTRONIC CORP., Fremont, Germany. (510) 656-3400.


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